Seeing The Sunrise With Mount Bromo Tour

Sunrise is a natural phenomenon that is truly wonderful and everyone who sees it will definitely like it. To be able to see it clearly, we must go up to a place with a plateau like a mountain or hill. One of the favorite places that can be used to see the beauty of the sunrise is at the top of Mount Pananjakan. This peak is one of the tourism icons around Mount Bromo, precisely in four regions, namely Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and the District of Malang, East Java Indonesia. So when you are going on vacation in East Java and want to see the exoticness of Mount Bromo, you don’t only see Mount Bromo itself but also the beauty of other places around Mount Bromo, one of which is Pananjakan Hill.


To be able to enjoy vacation trips calmly, you can rent mount bromo tour services that provide many packages to go to tourist attractions in East Java and around Mount Bromo. Some mount bromo tour services can pick you up from various regions such as Surabaya, Malang, Jogjakarta, Probolinggo and Bali Island. For the pickup location you can adjust it to your presence, for example in the hotel where you stay, at home or at a group of companies and schools. But for those of you who come from outside the city or abroad, you can immediately request pick-up at the airport or at the train station and go directly to the hotel provided by the Mount Bromo tour agency to take a break and then start the trip to see the sunrise to Mount Bromo in the morning. During the holidays, the tourist attractions of Mount Bromo will be visited by many local and foreign tourists, so it is not surprising that the demand for transportation transportation will increase and using Mount Bromo tour services can be one of the best solutions.

So many people want to see the beauty of Mount Bromo because this mountain has erupted for dozens of times and caused a lot of beauty that was not found elsewhere, such as the expanse of vast, exotic sea of ​​sand. After you climb the Pananjakan hill to see the beauty of the sunrise, you can go down and feel the sea of ​​sand at foot of Mount Bromo. There is an area covered in lots of sand and a little dry green grass. Do not forget to prepare equipment such as thick jackets, gloves and masks because the cold air and strong winds can make you quite difficult to walk and breathe on the sand.