Whispering Sand on Mount Bromo Tour

This whispering desert in Mount Bromo Tour East Java is a very wide and beautiful sandy beach to be used as a photo background. In addition, this dessert is located around the caldera of Mount Bromo. And whispering sand is a place that must be visited by tourists who come to Mount Bromo. Naming itself from the name whispering sand has to invite tourists to come to visit. But do you know what is behind the name?

The naming itself is a relation with the film directed by Garin Nugroho. Making this film involves the desert in Mount Bromo Tour. And the film is given the title “Whispering Sands” so that many people know the place because of the film is. Because the film is the title of the film whispers, people call the place whispering. The naming that starts from the film is in accordance with the conditions in the whispering sand itself.

A wind that blows hard, brings grains of sand to form a beautiful blow of wind. The breeze was compared with whispers that called for Mount Bromo Tour’s natural features. And for you, tourists who want to visit whispering sand is quite easy. Only on foot can you arrive but so long way and wate the time. If you want to get faster, you can use a jeep car or trail bike.

The transportation rental service itself is already available always and there are indeed many that are selling on Mount Bromo Tour. The rates are included in the bag because they are paid for with natural beauty that spoils the eyes and spirit of the tourists. Even if you have enough time, tourists can enjoy nature by riding a horse. So it is not only romantic from its natural atmosphere, romantic, it also travels to each spot. And romantic with your friend or your group.

Visits to whispering sand can all start from Mount Bromo, than Pananjakan 1, to Bukit Cinta, Kingkong Hill, Mount Bromo Crater, savanna, Teletubbies Hill, and finally, enjoy the wind in the whispering sand. Tourists usually visit the place if they come to Mount Bromo Tour. It is incomplete if one of these places is missed even though only a short journey. Because the air is quite cold there, you should be on vacation at Mount Bromo Tour using clothes that make you warmer and still comfortable to use playing in the open air.